The Trixie Bet – Great Name for a Great Bet!

The Trixie bet (great name isn’t it), consists of 4 bets on 3 different selections in 3 different events. It is made up of 3 Doubles and 1 Treble.

Traditionally, with the bookmakers, we place exactly the same stake on each bet. So a £10 Trixie bet would cost us £40 (3 doubles at £10 plus 1 treble at £10).

Trixie Bet Combinations

Bet Stake Selections Type
1 £10.00 A and B Double
2 £10.00 A and C Double
3 £10.00 B and C Double
4 £10.00 A B and C Treble

Trixie Bet
As you can see, at least two of our selections need to win in order to get a winning bet. If selections A and C win then we have a Double up, but have lost on 2 other Doubles and the Treble. The same applies if only selections A and B win or selections B and C.

Trixie Bet Example

Let’s see how the Trixie bet works in practice.

For simplicity we will let all 3 of our selections have odds of even money (2.00). We will call our selections A, B and C and our stake will be £10.

In the ideal world all three selections would win and we would have all 3 Doubles and a Treble. In our example (where they are all at odds of 2.00) then each double would be worth:

£10 x 2.00 = £20 on the first selection, going on to
£20 x 2.00 = £40 the second selection …

Giving us a profit of £30 (£40 won less our £10 stake).

We would receive this for all 3 Doubles. Which would be £30 x 3 = £90.

For the Treble we would have:

£10 x 2.00 = £20 on the first selection, going on to
£20 x 2.00 = £40 the second selection, going on to
£40 x 2.00 = £80 the third selection.

Giving us a profit of £70 (£80 won less our £10 stake).

So our total profit would be £90 + £70, a grand total of £160. Not too shabby for an outlay of £40.

If, on the other hand, only 2 selections had won, then we would have broke even, 1 Double with £30 profit and 3 other bets (2 Doubles and 1 Treble) where we had lost our stake; 3 x -£10 = -£30.

If less than 2 selections had won then we would lose our entire outlay.

Probability of Winning a Trixie Bet

Mathematically it is quite easy to calculate the probability of the Doubles and Trebles actually happening. To do this we need to convert the odds to a probability. In our example where the odds are 2.00 this is simply the odds divided into 1.

1 / 2.00 = 0.50        (expressed as a percentage this is 50%)

We then take the probability of each selection in the Double (or Treble) and multiply them together.

For our doubles, this is 0.50 x 0.50 = 0.25, so the probability of getting up a Double where the odds are all even money (2.00) is 25%.

For the Treble, this is 0.50 x 0.50 x 0.50 = 0.125, so the probability of getting up a Treble where the odds are all even money (2.00) is 12.5%.

From this we can see that, where the odds are even money, we have roughly half as much chance of landing the Treble as we do of landing a successful double.

The Modern Trixie Bet

The Trixie bet has been a firm favourite with Football punters for decades. Bookies used to take advantage of the fact that in the past almost all football matches kicked off at the same time; 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. This is no longer the case.

We now have matches morning, afternoon and evening on most days of the week. Plus these days we are not restricted to just the English and Scottish Football. Today we have access to matches from all over the world. We can obtain statistics and anything else we need to know about a potential selection (or the opposition) at the touch of a button.

With this in mind one wonders why punters are reluctant to throw away traditional bets as we know them, and to reinvent them. For example, I often use the Trixie bet for horses to be placed. Thanks to Betfair, this bet is now a reality. No bookmaker in his right mind would accept this bet.

We can also adjust our stakes to suit as long as we construct our own Trixie bet and place the stakes at each leg of the bet rather than back all the legs at the start (which is exactly what a bookmaker wants us to do). In our example, the Treble has half the chance of being successful as the Double bets do, so wouldn’t it make more sense to only place half a stake on the Treble?

Another important point to make, is that when we construct our own Trixie bet we can stop at any time. If we are happy with our winnings after the second leg, then we simply don’t bother with the third leg, we just pocket our winnings.

Don’t think the Trixie bet is restricted to just Football betting, it can be applied successfully to any sport.

With a bit of thought and creativity we too can make the Trixie bet our weapon of choice on the betting battleground.

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