Low Risk – High Reward Staking Plan

As you can see from the rest of my website, I try to use betting strategies which are as Low Risk as possible. I hate losing money, as much if not more than the next man.

But before I introduce you to what I believe is one of the most ingenious staking plans ever devised, a brief overview of my background may be in order.

I have been gambling for almost 40 years now, and no, it has not made me rich. However when times have been hard I have always been able to win enough to house and feed my family. This is no mean feat when you consider how much the odds are stacked against us. Of course the introduction of betting exchanges have helped to level this playing field by offering fairer odds than those we can usually get at the bookies. It is still a miracle that anyone wins on any kind of regular basis.

I am a computer programmer by trade, and as such, I am absolutely fascinated by systems. I used to believe that systems would help me crack the betting world and make me rich, I even created computer programs (quite sophisticated) that would analyse the numbers and, if certain conditions were met, would even place the bets automatically on Betfair … whilst I did have a fair bit of success, over the years it dawned on me that all systems would work for a while and then stop working for no explicable reason. What I needed was a Low Risk – High Reward staking plan to go with my systems which wouldn’t blow my betting bank out of the water when the systems stopped working.

I tried almost every staking plan that you can think of. None of them were even close to what I was looking for until I came across My Mathematical Formula.

This staking plan is beautiful in it’s simplicity and best of all can win you an awesome amount of money in relation to your starting stake, sometimes hundreds of times your starting stake, and best of all, depending on when you hit a loser you can still end up making a profit. Amazing.

The author also proposes several variations of the basic formula which can boost your profits even higher.

So if you want to take your staking to the next level then I can’t recommend My Mathematical Formula strongly enough, but please don’t let the gaudy (only my opinion) website put you off.

Picking Winners:

There is little point in having an exceptional staking plan if you are at a loss to pick the winning selections. To help you with this I would recommend taking a look at False Favorites. This is an excellent ebook written by a highly respected Betfair Accredited Trainer, Jonathon Burgess. The ebook is jam packed with all the information you need to make horse selection a fairly easy process. You can use this information along with the recommended staking system in two ways … You can either lay the False Favorite recommended by the ebook , or you can back the Favorite when the ebook says that the Favorite is too dodgy to lay. Either way, this ebook coupled with the recommended staking plan should be all you need to take your betting to a more professional level.